MES – Manufacturing Execution Systems

In general, manufacturing is resource and material transformation into a new product, where value added is made in the factory instead of management floor. In order to achieve this, it is very crucial in modern manufacturing to have very precise real time manufacturing process overview. In the technology era being modern means having the newest information technologies and the same logic applies to manufacturing by searching for new ways to optimize profit – here the key to success lees in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). (MES) is computerized control systems for managing and monitoring manufacturing equipment. Their main task is to improve productivity and decrease manufacturing cycle for order fulfilment by monitoring overall equipment efficiency.

(MES) operates in real time and supports control of all elements involved in the manufacturing process by receiving data from robots, equipment monitors and also employees. Although (MES) systems can totally function as stand-alone, nowadays it becomes more and more common to integrate them with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Typical integration points: from ERP to (MES) – manufacturing planning and orders, from (MES) to ERP – manufacturing execution data, produced goods and used material. These integrations allow production managers to see each individual order within the company and take proactive actions in order to guarantee consistent quality product delivery in the planned time with lowest possible costs.

Would you like to know more about MES? Here are some insights from our partner Epicor“The Power and Increasing Scope of MES” and “Manufacturing Execution System”.

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