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Business Management System Implementation

The core competence of viaPro is implementation of IT-based business management systems to support strategic goals of the enterprises. The main task of that type of projects and the direct purpose of investments is the optimization of particular business value chains deploying IT driven innovations to current business processes.

Decision to implement the IT-based business management system for companies mostly is made in response to a specific problem, and only in selective cases as the top priority is placed strategic innovation and IT alignment with the company's strategic goals. Common to both cases is that by making the purchase of licenses company acquires tools to address the strategic issues. But the goal achievement on the larger extent depends on solution design and professional execution of change management and implementation.

viaPro provides professional consulting to help companies achieve the positive results of implementing a system which coincides with the initial objectives. We are confident that both - large and small projects are equally important and require going through all of the logical steps of the implementation process: Business requirements analysis, Project organization, Solution Development, Data Preparation, Pilot-Test, and Handover. With solution handover to the end user we understand both, hand over the ownership of the solution and maintenance interface either to enterprise resources or outsourcing service provider.

General practice of viaPro is to use the Business Process Modeling software ProcessModel already in the initial business requirements description stage. All consultants have received professional training and acquired respective qualification for this purpose.

The high quality of our activities can be recognized via successful Epicor iScala ERP system implementation in more than 40 enterprises across different industries, pointing out wood industry as a special niche. Special attention should be drawn to the gained experience in provision of fully integrated B2B e-commerce solutions involving all procurement chain partners.

Our consultants are certified Epicor implementation methodology Signature® practitioners and it means that all projects are carried out and recorded in accordance with internationally adopted practice and all solutions are easily transferable to affiliated enterprises in other region or country.

Business Requirement Definition

Use of information and communication technologies is of critical importance for every company in order to achieve its strategic goals and be continuously competitive in the dynamic and aggressive business environment. Taking into account the mega-speed in which data is growing nowadays, the only way to achieve economies of scale and keep your customers happy, is the ability to transfer this data into valid information for decision making as well as getting involved into real-time electronic communication. Business environment has changed and customer role is getting bigger and bigger when compared to suppliers.

IT project importance has outgrown responsibilities of IT department and requires proper involvement of other specialists in the company already in early stages of these projects. Traditionally this means breaking some stereotypes and developing new approach to planning. Problems arise when differences in IT language and business language meet each other and all the involved parties, being professionals in their own field, struggle to get their ideas across the table and form one common definition for the issue. In this case viaPro can be a moderator between all involved stake holders and transfer business goals into business requirements for IT system to support particular business processes.


Business System Integration

Business Process is king, because the IT systems task is to serve the business process. In practice this can be difficult task since in majority of situations different IT solutions can be used for supporting specific business processes, for example, financial and warehouse management system, CRM for sales. As a result, company’s performance depends on the ability to ensure that all involved systems are able to communicate with each other just like people working in one team, so that data exchanged is correct and trustful and can fully support decision making processes within the organization.

Business process integration as a method today is the main source for innovations and economies of scale in the company. If only five years ago, in this context one typically talked about the company's internal processes, today technology allows to talk about the integration capabilities across the value chain as a whole, including suppliers, customers, and business partners, regardless of their location in the chain. The most important task is to be able to integrate in this companionship also electronically and “talk” to all other systems involved in the value chain.

viaPro provide business system integration solution consulting and development services starting from requirement specification, business logic definition, solution specification, development, implementation and post-implementation monitoring.

Our key competence is fully integrated solutions (End-to-End), whose main output parameters is reaction speed, accuracy and an essential human resource savings. Essential value for solutions is availability of knowledge of the integrated financial management process.


Change Management

World around us and we ourselves are in the continuous interaction and actually we do not have the opportunity to distance from this movement in any part of life – private, business nor public. Interaction naturally leads also to some problems which we have to face, at least in business. So, we take the decision to act in accordance with the new rules, and we are forced to introduce changes to the action model which was comfortable so far. Change is inevitable, but the destructive outcome can be avoided, if the change is properly managed.

Decision of IT-based business management system automatically proposes a change in business processes, work methods, employee behavior, knowledge applications, and collaboration with partners, customers and suppliers. Ignoring the importance of the change management and leaving it to drift will lead to conflict and implementation of system typically won’t reach the original target.

We at viaPro instead of chaos ia offering well-structured change management. Our consultants are working methodically with both - tasks and people. The task can largely be described in the metrics and the result can be controlled, but the positive outcome of change is possible only if the emphasis on the same extent is placed to the individual in the broadest sense, from the knowledge and capacity-building and ending with the change in behavior and loyalty. Looking at the change in a methodical approach behavior targets can be described out too and so the result is manageable.


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