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Epicor ERP

Epicor is ready to help organizations take advantage of new market opportunities and manage growth with its latest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite. Guided by the needs of today’s users, Epicor ERP delivers the choice, flexibility, and agility needed to support strategic initiatives and lean out wasted processes.

Epicor minimizes the complexities of traditional enterprise resource planning by delivering software that emphasizes ease of use, collaboration, and responsiveness. With the flexibility to be run on-premise or in the cloud, Epicor ERP provides a comprehensive set of global functionalities, enabling you to drive profitability, inspire innovation, and respond quickly to an evolving business environment.

Epicor ERP software offers a modular approach with robust capabilities focused on reducing costs, streamlining processes, and improving customer responsiveness across the enterprise—all top priorities toward achieving continued growth and profitability.

Highly flexible and scalable, Epicor enterprise resource planning can be deployed to fit your unique operational needs, resources, and budget, including on-site installation, hosted, or as a SaaS or Cloud application. You simply determine the deployment model that is right for your organization. If your business operates globally—whether as a multinational enterprise, with a single facility in another country, or simply as a trading partner—you recognize the need for local functionality and compliance in order to operate effectively.

Epicor next-generation ERP software represents a new breed of solution—one built right from the beginning to comply with the requirements of the world’s major markets through an adaptable business architecture and configurable engine approach. Epicor solutions are used in more than 150 countries and are available in more than 30 languages.


Epicor iScala ERP

Epicor iScala or Scala is a business solution designed for the worldwide divisions and subsidiaries of multinational corporations and large local or regional companies that may have significant cross-border trading requirements. The software includes integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), supply chain, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), field service, project management, payroll and other capabilities, all built on a collaborative business Microsoft .NET and Web services-based framework.

Epicor iScala combines country-specific localizations and multi-language capabilities with leading capabilities to support global, multi-company or multi-site business models that need to collaborate with customers, suppliers, sister organizations or other partners to achieve operational and business excellence. With specialized out-of-the-box functionality, iScala will help your company achieve competitive advantage in industry segments including Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Industrial Machinery, Light Engineering, Electronics, Automotive Components, Consumer Packaged Goods and Hospitality.

Companies may standardize their plants and operating divisions on a centralized or distributed model of iScala, while supporting country specific localizations and languages at each site. Through either model corporate headquarters achieve consistent visibility of information and operations, as well as supporting the global implementation of common procedures, practices and controls.

The integration capabilities supplied with iScala enable you to configure business processes and connect with your internal and external supply chain for visibility and automated trading, thereby reducing operational costs, improving turnaround times and providing supply and demand information to help make business decisions with confidence.

iScala’s comprehensive functional depth and breadth, from customer management through manufacturing to after-sales, will enable you to rapidly implement and automate key processes for your industry anywhere in the world.

Epicor ICE

Epicor ICE is a modern and visionary technology developed by Epicor that enables Epicor ERP solution users with enhanced levels of mobility, accessibility, and interactivity among business applications. As a connector and an application builder, Epicor ICE provides distributors with access to the latest technical capabilities while still taking advantage of the industry-leading distribution functionality of Epicor ERP solutions.

With the advent of Epicor ICE (see also video), businesses gained a highly sophisticated standards-based platform for low-cost integration and high-end performance that offers unprecedented user productivity and a rapid return on investment (ROI). Epicor ICE redefined business architecture by fusing Internet technologies with a modern SOA to deliver a solution designed for people, built for business, yet ready for change.

A service-oriented approach ensures an abstraction of complexities in terms of how business systems are built and operated. In a services architecture, business logic, that represents software processes is broken down into a series of loosely coupled granular "business services" which are then made available and discoverable on a network via Web services. Each service provides functionality that can be adapted to the needs of the enterprise while hiding the underlying implementation details. By exposing business processes, service architectures provide the ability to streamline those same processes, which in turn promotes agile change management.

As a true services architecture, Epicor ERP allows businesses to independently access, integrate, and substitute any function or data element in the ERP system. There are over 1200 services, each with a variety of standardized operations. Every ERP capability is represented and available a service, which in turn is used to drive integrations or support various ERP client applications.

The Epicor ICE Business Architecture goes a step further by allowing all Epicor next-generation enterprise applications to be manipulated using Epicor Business Process Management (BPM) engine and Epicor Service Connect. Epicor ICE also features the Epicor Everywhere™ Framework—a unique technology that uses XML metadata to represent all client forms and logic. That metadata is then used to deliver customizations across an enterprise and drive pure HTML client applications to desktop, tablet, and phone devices.


Epicor Service Connect

Epicor Service Connect is a central business integration platform for secure workflow orchestrations within Epicor service software applications and between Epicor and non-Epicor applications. Users can automate tasks and streamline processes to promote efficiency across the supply and demand chains. Extend visibility into your enterprise applications to the entire organization and to your partners, suppliers, and customers. Epicor Service Connect integrates with EDI supply chain partners using XML, a lower cost alternative to maintaining a full EDI infrastructure.

Epicor Service Connect (see also video) automation allows users to automate or reduce steps within a multi-step process to promote lean principles and continuous performance initiatives. Employees can focus on value-added activities and management by exception instead of repetitive data entry tasks. Epicor Service Connect automation also allows you to add human workflow activities, such as email and other tasks, to your business process workflows. Automating repetitive tasks and adding human workflow items will reduce data entry time and errors and provide quicker availability of valuable information to keep you informed and your business competitive. Epicor Service Connect provides secure workflow processing with logs for both transactional integrity and compliancy. Processes are available for review and tracking while in progress or after the process completes.


Epicor HCM

Epicor HCM is a comprehensive, configurable human resource information system (HRIS) that empowers users by automating your HR processes. It gives HR professionals the tools to track, manage and analyze employee information. Managers can motivate employees while keeping them focused on the tasks that will connect their efforts to the company’s strategic objectives. Employees can take ownership of their careers by managing goals, monitoring their performance expectations and growing their competencies.

Epicor HCM’s intuitive user interface (demo) allows users to easily navigate HR business processes. Whether it’s HR or a manager submitting an update to the employee information, Epicor HCM applies workflow and data integrity rules to manage the data flow, obtain necessary approvals and alert users when a process needs their attention.

Epicor HCM’s unique home page is the launch pad for everything users regularly do in the system. HR department users and administrators, business managers, and employees can personalize their home pages so that all their data and tasks are right there. With Epicor HCM’s home page, everyone can securely get to their assigned tasks quickly and easily, improving overall efficiency.

For executives, key HR metrics can be displayed on the home page providing insight into business trends; HR can link to commonly used tasks, reports, and to-dos; and managers can open any personnel task they’re allowed to perform by clicking on a person summary from a list of their people.


Epicor AFR

Epicor Advanced Financial Reporting (AFR) allows the creation and distribution of professional financial reports to company stakeholders. It allows for the management and access to financial data in a user friendly and easy-to-use environment.

AFR simplifies report creation with an intuitive interface and wizards which guide users through the process. AFR creates reports using the elements familiar to an accountant or financial professional. These include spreadsheet terms such as rows and columns. It also provides an additional element of reporting hierarchy or trees as well as in built user access security allowing the viewer to generate the report for the area of the business which is their responsibility. Because the published reports are parameter driven, the viewer can generate the report at any time by selecting the parameters of time, company, book or organizational.

Advanced Financial Reporting is well recognized also among industry experts.


Epicor XL Connect

Epicor XL Connect allows users to interact with live data via a spreadsheet. Featuring a live link to business data, a user's view is always current and always accurate. Excel users will really benefit from Epicor XL Connect's built-in functions and drag-and-drop analysis sets that already understand the underlying data. Immediate integration to business data allows users to create reports faster and easier, plus multi-dimensional drill-down functions help them explore the detailed data with just a few clicks without leaving Excel. With Epicor XL Connect, users can even leverage existing spreadsheets, but without the hassle of copy-and-paste or SQL queries.

"Epicor XL Connect gives users the ability to interact with business data through Microsoft Office," said Gray Knowlton, Group Product Manager for Microsoft Office. "Using Microsoft technology, Epicor XL Connect will empower information workers to work smarter and faster with access to live data, plus the ability to run numbers and make adjustments without leaving Excel."


Epicor Mattec MES

Epicor answers toughest manufacturing questions with Mattec (MES) production control software. It provides access to real-time manufacturing information, allows to improve plant productivity and eliminate machine downtime, unlock capacity, and reduce inventory and labour costs.

Mattec (MES) is a manufacturing execution system that provides instant monitoring over production and process manufacturing. It helps companies to reduce scrap, waste, and machine downtime, improve cycle times, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), plant productivity, and automatic part qualification. Mattec (MES) helps to schedule production more effectively, allowing to identify ineffiencies and to do more with existing resources.

Mattec MES brochure.


viaPro Banking

viaPro Banking is a software solution providing data exchange between organization's ERP system and Bank by following functionality:

• creation and delivery of outgoing payments (invoices, wages) to Bank

• reception of incoming payment data from Bank and delivery to organization's ERP system

• reception of Bank charges data from Bank and delivery to organization's ERP system

• real-time data reception from Bank to control customer credit limit

• tight user control starting with set of permissions to access dedicated solution's modules and ending with implementation of Bank authorization tools to secure payment operations

Data exchange is provided in FIDAVISTA and ISO20022 formātos SEPA formats including SEPA payments via file transfer and/or direct online communications utilizing Bank services like Nordea Bridge, Swedbank Gateway, SEB Gateway. Technological platform of Banking allows users to make adjustments to new Bank online services with no changes of solution's business logic.


viaPro ToGoNet

ToGoNet is sales logistics application with rich functionality to support management of goods delivery to customer delivery address including process visualization with the impact on customer satisfaction on the one hand and delivery process optimization cost and accuracy wise on the other. By process visualization is understood customer delivery address translation in geographic coordinates and display on the Google maps, economy balanced route organization as well as current sales order display on map to force the delivery.

By definition logistics is management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet requirements of customers. Traditionally supervised are material handling, production, transportation and warehousing and there is large number of IT systems available for optimizations tasks. Within new technology era consumer preferences goes to electronic purchase using customary devices and logistics has become an integral part of sales department and more and more the critical arm in competition.

ToGoNet application is designed to support integration with company Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) which is handling customer master data, ordering and financial transactions. Still, dynamic calendars and related resource mechanics for Route management can be used in a single mode.

ToGoNet solution is user rights protected and supports following functionality:

Calendars – tools to manage and display day/time type calendars for both demand (customer delivery schedule by contract) and supply (company resources such as trucks and drivers).

Sectors – tools to create and manage route areas in the graphical way, link customer delivery addresses to route, manage route calendars and resources.

Trucks and Drivers – resource data management including calendars and schedule, default resource allocation and general parameters, for example, print QR codes on documents.

Routs – tools for planning route run according to demand calendar for specific sector. Input data are ERP Sales Order delivery lines, delivery addresses and default resources. When all deliveries collected Route optimization using Google service can be run to suggest most efficient route for driver.

Invoice printing command when Route created initiates Route ID update to ERP to print Invoices for Route ID collection.

Waybills can be printed as soon as Invoice printing finished – simple document, with map, with map and QR codes. Information can be loaded to mobile devices.

Closing of Routs and collection of execution data supports collection of feedback information to accumulate data for process optimization as well as resource evaluation.

Reports provide functionality to visualize Customer location geographically and Google street view functionality can be used in cases precise driving information is required.

Customer address integrated to ToGoNet and can be useful for planning salesman visits and other marketing activities too.


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