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VIAPRO for Procurement

With targeted real-time information, process automation and integration in the supply chain goods and raw material procurement management system Polo ensures a stable efficiency of purchasing process and cost optimization.

Polo functionality supports purchase order planning and creation, order update to suppliers' B2B platforms, for example, TecCom for automotive aftersales market, order confirmations processing, organizing goods receipts based on dispatch notes, in-house distribution at the time of receipt, and process relevant notifications management. The degree of digitization depends on the ability to receive, process and respond digitally by all parties involved, nevertheless, each function is also available for manual data entries.

To benefit from single-point data entry Polo is integrated into company's business management system, Epicor iScala by default, which serves as the primary data source for purchasing decisions and handles procurement finance side. Solution supports adding any other external data source as long as it is digitally available, for example, demand forecasting system Relex, which enables user to make decisions on combined data. 

VIAPRO for Forestry

Software solutions that provide data processing support for all steps of timber supply chain from growing forest up to saw and paper mills. Solutions can be used as stand alone or integrated to Epicor iScala for accurate resource and self-cost control.

VIAPRO for Finance

Software solutions that provide digital data processing support for finance and management functions - communication with banks, currency rate automatic loading, business partner legal status control and similar.

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