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VIAPRO for Forestry

ForestiLink is an integrated software solution for Epicor iScala that allows effectively process timber movement data throughout the whole procurement chain: cutting, forwarding, transportation, and landing in port or warehouse. Optimally, the solution uses electronically received digital source data but there is also built-in functionality for manual data input. Actual cost calculation is provided at each stage fo supply chain thus supporting the real-time monitoring of key performance indicators.

RoundLink is a software solution that supports processing of log measuring data in quantitative and financial terms, based on output data from measuring equipment. Initially  integration was developed for widely used Microtech equipment, nevertheless, functionality allows integration with any other measuring equipment that supports data in electronic format. Based on the data received the Measurement deed is created. User can view and approve measuring results, monitor data adjustments, transfer data to third parties, including KpDC, and retrieve historical data reports on each individual log level. The solution pays great attention to business data security, including, restrictions as well as control on data adjustment and correction registry for data fields open for editing and notifications to responsible persons.

LogLink is a software solution that supports processing of truck delivered saw log measurement data in a quantitative and financial terms based on manual data entries at ports and terminals. Similarly to RoundLink, it enables Measurement deed generation, control of supply documents, control of timber certification, and inventory control. In order to minimize business risks, the solution is integrated with Lursoft Company Monitoring System, and the legal status of the supplier is controlled before the transaction. In addition, legally required timber trade registers are provided and also supplier and invoice integration to Epicor iScala for accurate and timely finance control. Data security is handled at the same level as in RoundLink.

VIAPRO for Procurement

Software solution that optimizes and integrates into external B2B Supply chain platforms your strategic goods and raw material purchase process, starting with order and delivery data management, to receipt and internal distribution of goods.

VIAPRO for Sales Logistics

Software solution with rich functionality to enhance goods delivery process to customer delivery address including route visualization with the impact on timely delivery, process accuracy, cost optimization and accumulation of route data for analytics.

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