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3. Business Digital Transformation

Business digital transformation means integration of digital technologies into all aspects and functions of business and it requires fundamental cultural change within the company since adapting to the change affects everyone. But digital means different things for different people so, regardless of the industry, each company must first understand what digital means for hers business.

We are working as a moderator between IT and business process owners and translate ideas outlined by business into requirement definitions and design specifications for digital solutions. Information and communication technology has become the primary engine for business innovations; we encourage optimal use of them to achieve strategic goals and urge our customers to be positively aggressive and profit form the power of technology.

Handling of Change

We provide structured change management methods as integral part of IT projects where we simultaneously address both human side of change and innovation task.

2. Business Systems Integration

We provide full development and implementation of system integration solutions - business definitions, solution design specification, development, implementation and maintenance.

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