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EPICOR ERP : Kinetic & iScala

Epicor industry solutions are award-winning, flexible systems that can be readily adapted to meet the unique needs of companies across a wide range of verticals— incl. industrial machinery, electronics, pharmaceutical, light engineering, automotive components, consumer packaged goods, hospitality and much more.

VIAPRO for Forestry

Software solutions that provide data processing support for all steps of timber supply chain from growing forest up to saw and paper mills. Solutions can be used as stand alone or integrated to Epicor iScala for accurate resource and self-cost control.

VIAPRO for Sales Logistics

Software solution with rich functionality to enhance goods delivery process to customer delivery address including route visualization with the impact on timely delivery, process accuracy, cost optimization and accumulation of route data for analytics.

VIAPRO for Procurement

Software solution that optimizes and integrates into external B2B Supply chain platforms your strategic goods and raw material purchase process, starting with order and delivery data management, to receipt and internal distribution of goods.

VIAPRO for Finance

Software solutions that provide digital data processing support for finance and management functions - communication with banks, currency rate automatic loading, business partner legal status control and similar.

VIAPRO for Manufacturing

Software solution that in a close integration with Epicor iScala system extends production process and order execution control including raw materials, operations, production costs and shipping of finished goods.

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