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VIAPRO for Manufacturing

Proda is ERP integrated production management portal which extends capabilities for production process and order execution management starting from demand conversion into work orders, control of raw materials, operations and work centres, order scheduling including sub-contractors, up to ready-made product delivery to warehouse and dispatch. The focus of the solution is the use of industrial internet of things (IIoT) for process optimization, lead time reduction, data accuracy maximization and economy of human resources.

Proda supports work order creation based on customer or warehouse demand; lot batch scheduling based on product features; raw material and shop floor capacity control; ready made product packaging for deliveries and receipts to warehouse; and sales logistics. Proda Mobile module increases warehouse workers productivity by supporting them on the go when receiving, and packing goods, as well as handling logistics issues. Self-service functionality to receive orders and report production and shipments is also available for sub-contractors.

In order to receive true ROI Proda is tightly integrated with ERP system, Epicor iScala by default. In such a layout ERP is responsible for demand and warehouse management, and based on quantitative data of production, for accurate and detailed self-cost calculation and control of work in progress. 

VIAPRO for Finance

Software solutions that provide digital data processing support for finance and management functions - communication with banks, currency rate automatic loading, business partner legal status control and similar.

VIAPRO for Forestry

Software solutions that provide data processing support for all steps of timber supply chain from growing forest up to saw and paper mills. Solutions can be used as stand alone or integrated to Epicor iScala for accurate resource and self-cost control.

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