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VIAPRO for Finance

Banking is is a software solution which provides functionality for seamless data exchange between organization's ERP system and Bank and supports following processes:
- creation and delivery of outgoing payments (invoices, wages) to Bank;
- reception of incoming payment data from Bank and delivery to organization's ERP system;
- reception of Bank charges data from Bank and delivery to organization's ERP system;
- real-time data reception from Bank to control customer credit limit;
and advanced user control starting with set of permissions to access dedicated solution's modules and ending with implementation of Bank authorization tools to secure payment operations.

Data exchange is provided in FIDAVISTA and ISO20022 formātos SEPA formats including SEPA payments via file transfer and/or direct online communications utilizing Bank services such as Nordea Bridge, Swedbank Gateway, SEB Gateway. Technological platform of Banking allows users to make adjustments to new Bank online services with no changes of solution's business logic.

FinLo is a modular portal-type software solution for various finance and management-related data digital processing and notification flow, for example:
Business partner legal status control and monitoring with Lursoft (re-user of information of the Register of Enterprises) before business transaction is started. The function can be used integrated in business management system, for example, Epicor iScala, thus stopping order entry on the go in case risks are identified or in stand-alone mode.

VIAPRO for Procurement

Software solution that optimizes and integrates into external B2B Supply chain platforms your strategic goods and raw material purchase process, starting with order and delivery data management, to receipt and internal distribution of goods.

VIAPRO for Sales Logistics

Software solution with rich functionality to enhance goods delivery process to customer delivery address including route visualization with the impact on timely delivery, process accuracy, cost optimization and accumulation of route data for analytics.

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