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EPICOR ERP : Kinetic & iScala

Business Management Software That Drives Growth      

In the face of ongoing challenges, organizations must optimize their processes and gain efficiencies to instigate growth. Whether you’re facing intense competition, a complex supply chain, or increasing marketplace pressures, the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution can help you overcome these challenges and achieve success. It can help you drive down costs and improve quality, time-to-market, and customer satisfaction.

By joining disparate systems and processes, an ERP solution can also improve visibility, communication, reporting, analysis, and productivity across all functions. It’s this real-time and intimate insight into your business that is the most powerful benefit—helping you become more efficient, agile, and innovative in today’s highly competitive landscape.

Epicor iScala is an affordable yet comprehensive ERP solution that helps SMBs compete in their market— whether operating locally or globally. It enables real-time collaboration not only internally, but also between companies and their trading partners. Read More about iScala

Epicor Kinetic is a future-focused global ERP solution that delivers flexibility, choice and agility to drive growth through various industries. Fully integrated and loaded with innovative tools to synchronize supply, demand, and fulfillment Kinetic is a unique fit for manufacturing companies to reach industry-leading levels of business performance. Read More about Kinetic

Built on robust Financials and Operations Cores with modular and flexible infrastructure and inbuilt integration tools both offer the benefits of being simple to implement, operate, and extend - saving you time and money.

VIAPRO for Forestry

Software solutions that provide data processing support for all steps of timber supply chain from growing forest up to saw and paper mills. Solutions can be used as stand alone or integrated to Epicor iScala for accurate resource and self-cost control.

VIAPRO for Sales Logistics

Software solution with rich functionality to enhance goods delivery process to customer delivery address including route visualization with the impact on timely delivery, process accuracy, cost optimization and accumulation of route data for analytics.

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