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VIAPRO for Sales Logistics

In the digital era customer preferences goes to electronic purchase more and more so logistics has become not only integral part of sales process but also critical weapon in competition.

ToGoNet is sales logistics application that supports door-to-door customer order delivery process. Solution core is customer delivery address translation in geographic coordinates and display on the Google maps, economy balanced route organization and current sales order status display on map to force the delivery. ToGoNet is designed to be integrated  with company's ERP system, Epicor iScala by default, which is responsible for customer master data, ordering and financial transactions. Still, dynamic calendars and related resource mechanics for route management can be used in a single mode.

ToGoNet functionality supports: day/time type calendars management for both demand (customer delivery schedule by contract) and supply (company resources such as trucks and drivers); Route Sectors manegment in the graphical way and customer delivery address linking to the route; Route calendars and resource management; Route Runs planning according to demand calendar for specific sector; Route optimization using Google service. There is also functionality for invoicing instruction for ERP system to print Invoices for Route ID collection and Waybill - simple document with map and QR codes including upload to mobile devices.

Process supports Route execution data collection for process optimization and resource rating; Reports to visualize Customer location geographically and Google street view.

Benefits from delivery process digitalization: customer satisfaction level +++, reaction readiness and leadtime +++, resourse control and limitation of unproductive activities which leads to process cost optimization. 

VIAPRO for Finance

Software solutions that provide digital data processing support for finance and management functions - communication with banks, currency rate automatic loading, business partner legal status control and similar.

VIAPRO for Manufacturing

Software solution that in a close integration with Epicor iScala system extends production process and order execution control including raw materials, operations, production costs and shipping of finished goods.

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