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Epicor Solutions Implementation

Technically, ERP implementation process is a set of certain sequential steps: software installation, data transfer and end user training. As simple as that. But, in reality to see ERP implementation as a technical task for IT department is a fundamental mistake that guarantee a neutral impact on organizations' performance in the best case. In fact, ERP implementation brings a company-wide change on business processes and culture and at the same time gives a unique opportunity to handle implementation of matured needs for change. In order to gain the true value added the first step of ERP implementation process is to create an effective change management plan which includes also personalities to be involved with respective responsibilities. 

viaPro provides professional guidance to ensure companies that their system implementation results are in line with the initial objectives. In close collaboration with the customer we develop and validate business definitions, requirements for ERP system and business process descriptions. Epicor system implementation is carried out following Epicor implementation methodology Signature accompanied with use of business process modeling tools and change management methods that have proven themselves in a real life. 

Business Digital Transformation

We are working as intermediary between IT and business process owners to facilitate customers' growth and benefits from digital business process innovations.

Solution Life Cycle Management

Our responsibility is to guarantee stable and risk free solutions for our customers through qualified and available on demand software and know-how support resources.

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