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Automotive Aftermarket

Even mainly qualified as wholesale, automotive aftermarket procurement and warehousing processes are very specific because the number and variety of spare parts is huge and in practice customer is not able to order right things without access to manufacturers' data. As a result, extended integration with manufacturers systems and technology based process innovations are the true basis for efficiency and profit.   

From the business point of view, the most critical task in the industry is ability to balance the optimum value frozen in warehouse with the order delivery capability for the customers. Profit rates are largely impacted by the ability to stock the right products in the correct quantities at the right prices, optimize purchase to reduce costs, and understand the product self-cost at the customer's doors.

From the process point of view, client integration into procurement process providing digital solutions for data availability is central task. Successful client integration digitizes the demand which can be utilized to manage smart warehousing, supply and delivery processes including big data for real-time decisions.

viaPro has accumulated experience in supply chain integration and optimization solution implementation in aftermarket industry by placing powerful ERP system in the core and developing integrations to automotive manufacturers' platforms for process automation on the one hand and  providing digital, manufacturers' catalog-based, self-service tools for customers on the other. In the age of Industry 4.0 aftermarket is no longer just spare parts business, it is largely an information business, since customer counts on accurate information and guidance on thousands of parts on the market.

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