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Fabricated Metals

Opportunities to maximize profitability and gain competitive edge in today’s global marketplace drive many metal fabricators to invest in new technologies that move their businesses forward and increase profits.

From return on investment point of view, the industry's most critical tasks are two: ability to determine cost of the product upon receipt of the order that leads to setting the correct selling price, and ability to determine whether requested delivery time by by customer can be fulfilled. Quite often manufacturing is run as made-to-order or combination of made-to-order and made-to-stock.

From process point of view, the most critical are decisions on how to use technology to integrate processes as well as if and how one should adapt the concepts and methods of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in order to control efficiency of machinery and improve and optimize production process.

With ERP system implementations viaPro has helped number of enterprises to optimize their material flow and warehouse management, improve cost control, material and procurement batch control as well as overall quality control. Companies have gained significant economies of scale by integrating raw material procurement chain with suppliers in just-in-time delivery model and increased efficiency by replacing routine manual data processing tasks with digital machinery data.

Did you know that mechanical engineering and metalworking is one of the leading industrial sectors in Latvia?  more information here. Manufacturing of fabricated metals area holds more than one third of the share and delivers the highest value added rate in the whole sector. 

Industrial Machinery and Service

control contracts, monitor preventive maintenance and be mobile turns after-sales support into a profit center

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